light sensitive 3 oscillator drone machine!

Screwed Circuitz LiQuIdDrOnE rEd EdItIoN


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LiQuIdDrOnE rEd EdItIoN
This is a light sensitive 3 oscillator drone synthesizer/tone generator. A tunable square wave ranging from low frequency oscillations to inaudible highs. Added to the mix, two tunable light sensitive wave shaping oscillators armed with 8 sensors each for a total of 16 sensors creating unique drone tones. Great for sampling, performances, feed it through your modular synths or use it as an effect box for synthesizers!

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9v DC any polarity, just plug and play.

Gated audio input 1/8”

Adjust the volume of your source for some enjoyable chaotic drone and crunch.

Hard switch

Select between smooth and harsh tones.

Kassia’s acrylic technique and Dan’s sound makes this synth a work of art. Each enclosure is unique making them a truly personalised synthesizer!

For interesting results, play under a desk lamp shadowing the sensors with your hands and enjoy!