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Fulltone OCD V2 Overdrive

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The Fulltone OCD V2 Overdrive is a pedal that takes the many iterations of the original OCD V1 and adds a brand-new buffered output to bring a better dynamic range and responsiveness to the table.

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Key Features
“Class A” Buffer – This buffer gives a fuller tone, complete with a complex array of overtones at your disposal!
The Sound of a Cranked Tube Amp! – With the buffer on, it gives you the sound of a cranked tube amplifier, no matter how loud your amp is set.

Classic Overdrive Tones
The Fulltone OCD V2 Overdrive is a dynamic guitar pedal featuring a HP/LP switch to give you the ability to change the response from a more ‘British’ feel with increased mid-range and break-up, to a cleaner signal that is ideal for use as a clean booster into an already overdriven signal chain.

It also includes tone, volume and drive controls to sculpt your sound exactly how you pair. This enables you to utilise the pedal to its full capabilities. This Fulltone offering is more than versatile enough to be used either as an out-and-out heavy overdrive sound through a cleaner boost that can complement your existing setup.

Enhanced Buffering
The OCD V1 was acknowledged for its open and dynamic overdrive sound, and the V2 takes this a step further with a new ‘Class A’ buffer to give a fuller tone and complex array of overtones, similar to the way that older preamps were used to add harmonic ‘polish’.

The pedal also responds hugely to player dynamics and guitar volume control adjustments so that – just like an amp would – it can clean up simply by adjusting your technique or guitar dials. If you’re looking for a dynamic and open-sounding overdrive pedal that responds extremely well to subtle nuance and provides you with a range of harmonic content, then look no further than the Fulltone OCD V2.

Type: Overdrive / Distortion
Controls: Drive, Volume, Tone, HP/LP switch (high peak/low peak – overdrive range from little coloration to ‘British’ response’)
Input impedance: 1 mega ohm
Output impedance: 10k ohms
Bypass: True Bypass or Enhanced Bypass
Power: 9 Volt battery (included), 9-18V DC center negative 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel (not included)
Power Consumption: 8mA
Battery: Included
Weight: 480g
Dimensions: 60 x 115 x 55 mm


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