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A glossary to end all glossaries!


Want to know which pedal does what? We asked the man, John Tron Davidson of ‘Heavy Repping’, to write some glorious words to help you figure out your next necessity.


Not just for drum machines – let these sample-mangling units lead you to other worlds with glitchy ease!


Push your leads, blast your front end or slam into that beasting chorus through this abundance of boosters.


Channel the glorious slush of the 80’s or add a delicate extra depth to your chords. Chorus isn’t just a sound, it’s a lifestyle.


Deepen your clean dynamics and widen the heft of your drives. Essential for any genre, possessing a character all their own.


From subtle slapback to hurtling oscillation, delay matters. Behold this diverse crop of later-makers.


Saturate your signal and rend the Earth in twain with overdrive’s thuggish cousin. Pedals to fuel your riffs for all eternity!


Tune your rig to a new room, beef up your bottom end or tame unruly treble immediately with the finest in equalisation. A must!


Jet-like rasps, throbbing howls and genteel undulation can be yours if you submit to flange. This could change your life!


Hold up! Grab a snapshot of your sound and hold it in stasis. Drone forever!


Rasping, rampant and relentlessly cool – find your path through the genesis of effects. There’s always room for more fuzz!


Demolish your carefully crafted sonics into an unrecognizable, pixellated clatter. Maths is fun!


Unsatisfied with your lead lines? Clone yourself in a different pitch and become all of Thin Lizzy.


Back yourself, record that great idea or weave towering dimensions of sound. Every drone should have one!


One pedal, one job? Pah! Stride across the soundscape with these many-faceted units. Maximise your precious real estate and get creative.

Noise Gate

Neaten those peaks and gain inter-note serenity from these cracking noise gates. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.


Whether it’s a light lift or deep sag, everyone needs an overdrive. Check out this panoply of push!


Not just for running with the devil, phase gives you a classy whoosh or a psychedelic sheen. A reggae necessity!

Pitch Shifters

Drop your pitch and look at your piece in a new light, or hurl your E down an octave for giant riff excursions.


The quintessential atmosphere-setter, reverb is everything from a tiny room to the infinite depths of space. Equip yourself immediate!


Leave the sound of your guitar behind altogether with these noble examples of synthesis. Live your (Tangerine) dream!


Pulsing surf, down-home country and chattering square cuts live inside the world of tremolo. Subtle or shattering – your choice is the right one.


Add the magical swirl of lush, organ-like texture to your sound with some vibes, or push it right out for an unhinged shake.


Wobble those notes or bend them out of existence with a healthy dose of vibrato. Like tape, without the pencil.


Wah-k this way to the sounds of Curtis Mayfield, Frusciante and more. Perfect for solos and so much more!

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