Destructive Overdrive toneage, handmade in Australia

Wettmar Electric Interrupter Overdrive

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The Interrupter Overdrive contains two different beasts.

At its friendliest, it’s a warm and full overdrive capable of everything between a dynamic light OD and amp pushing fuzz sounds. At it’s unfriendliest, it’s a chaotic monophonic guitar synthesizer capable of multiple octaves and broken vintage synth sounding intervals.

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With the Wave Generator footswitch engaged, the Wave control alters the cycle of the generator and produces a crushing amount of frequencies. Perfect for when you want to cover Free Bird but you’re also in Lightning Bolt.

BYPASS: Engages the effect

WAVE GEN: Engages the Wave Generator

WAVE: Selects the wave generator type*

BLEND: Mixes between square wave fuzz and pure wave generator*

DRIVE: Controls the gain of the OD circuit

VOLUME: Controls the output level

*Only active when WAVE GEN is engaged

9VDC Centre Negative 2.1mm power supply input


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