Brantone Electronics Vintage Tweed


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The awesome overdrive pedal from Brantone with a sublime tweed covered enclosure giving you that ‘Fender 57 Champ’ look and feel!

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All the vintage tweed tube crunch you’ll ever need!. The Vintage Tweed pedal features not one, but three amplifier settings in one pedal, plus an added boost switch for 10dB of gain lift. Finished in a custom genuine Fender aged tweed cloth tolex, this pedal offers many tones from full out Neil Young’s ‘Cinnamon Girl’ to the overdriven juke joint blues amps of the 1950’s. It’s perfectly voiced for Blues, Rock or Country, or just about anything. If you’re into Keefs tonal palate, Neil Young, ZZ Top and many more, this is a must have device that will have you totally addicted. This pedal also interacts great with your guitars volume and is very dynamic with regards to pick attack and how hard you dig into your strings. It can give you anything from a light ‘tubey’ overdrive to full out singing sustain with Humbucking pickups. With some careful tweaking of the controls, there are many different settings that will bring out the best in this pedal and will inspire you to play more. Use it as an overdrive or a booster, the choice is yours

**must be used with a regulated & isolated PSU**

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