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warm fuzz to over driven undertones

Screwed Circuitz Flip Out


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This is a multi-effect FUZZ pedal featuring a FILTER, OVERDRIVE and the choice between a DIRTY OSCILLATOR or a RING MOD type effect. When the bypass switch is off, the orange light will be ON and your sound will travel through the series of effects.

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The ¼’’ jack input on the right allows you to plug in a GUITAR, BASS, SYNTH, PEDAL CHAIN or anything else you can think of. Your input is then fed into a high gain warm sounding fuzz using the “fuzz” knob.

The output of the fuzz is controlled by your “level” knob and feeds into an active resonant low pass filter. Adjust the cut-off, using the “filter” knob.

Next, your sound is sent through the overdrive. You can adjust the level with the “drive” knob.

The final step in the chain is the volume.

Flip Out Foot Switch

The FLIP OUT foot switch allows you to switch between your normal chain or to add an extra effect before your volume. The dimmed orange light indicates that the flip out is engaged.

The toggle switch located on our logo, offers two different effects. The ON position is a RING MOD type effect, and the OFF position is a DIRTY OSCILLATOR effect.

Both effects can be adjusted accordingly using the “rate” knob.

12v or 18v any polarity.