An alien like gated fuzz modulation machine

JPTR FX Super Weirdo


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A testament to its name, the Super Weirdo is unearthly, alien and downright trippy and besides that, it might be the only pedal that builds monumental walls, all while tearing them apart at the same time!

On the surface, the Super Weirdo is disguised as an early ’90s style gated fuzz, with a dedicated low pass filter knob to effortlessly find your place anywhere in the mix. But that’s far from where the freak show ends! This three-headed beast delivers fuzz, time modulation AND momentary glitch-bombs all in one enclosure.


12cm x 15cm 6.5cm

Current Draw

<50 mA

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Controls and Features

The core operation of this unit is to further enhance the input signal with an advanced, time-based modulation effect – The Pulse Width Modulator. Two dedicated knobs allow the player to multiply and manipulate their playing. The Feedback Mix controls the amount of modulated signal added to the base sound, acting almost as a doubler. A further Time Amount knob controls the distance between each modulated pulse, enabling the addition and separation of layer upon layer, resulting in a wall of thick, dynamic and articulate fuzz. Plus, if you dial in a short time setting, you get a double tracking fuzz tone.

Beyond this, an extra momentary footswitch gives the player expressive freedom to disrupt the signal with quick bursts of oscillation – aptly named Glitch. Plus, to guarantee all manner of expressive possibilities, an expression input allows you to connect a standard expression pedal for on the fly creativity.

Technical specs

– Hand screen printed, diecast Aluminium enclosure

– Size: 12 x 15 x 6,5 cm with knobs

– Power requirement: 9 V DC PSU (centre negative, 2.1 mm)

– Current draw: <50 mAPlease be aware:

To ensure optimal operation place this pedal before your buffer or tuner. Also, the Super Weirdo can produce some extremely strage, glitchy and totally crazy sounds. That’s what this pedal is about.