JPTR FX take on the Univox classic, but on a jet rocket in a tank.

JPTR FX Add Violence


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While noisy, buzzy and sizzling fuzz and distortion sounds and general sonic heresy are indeed our medium, our reputation has felt somewhat unjustified and incomplete thus far. As such, it was our duty to release the planetary disorder unit that is the JPTR FX Add Violence.

The Add Violence is a very assertive fuzz that will outperform any of its contemporaries that are aimed at guitar players alone. It will also harmonize well with about anything and everything you fancy plugging into it. As always: we would never judge.


6.5cm x 13cm 6cm

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Controls and features

Named after one of our favourite EPs, the Add Violence is a forceful, recklessly loud and uncompromising Super Fuzz. It is our take on the Univox classic, but on a jet rocket in a tank.

The Add Violence comes equipped with Volume, Gain, diode switching and Tone controls. The latter produces a very wide sweep – from complete mid scoop to full mid hump. Volume and Gain set how loud the pedal is and how much fuzz it produces. Disabling the diode switch results in a wholly more aggressive gated fuzz, with a raw, compressed and mid focused character. The diodes also provide an increase in volume, making the fuzz feel nearly twice as big. Engaging the diodes adds singing sustain and a very organic, dynamic breakup. In addition to that a Clean Blend (located inside the pedal) helps to maintain and balance clarity and texture, as well as retaining the native character of that beyond of just guitars. Other internal features help to shape your sound even further than the aforementioned controls.

Its practical control parameters allow it to especially shine with low end pronounced instruments, such drum machines, synths and bass guitars.

Internal adjustment options

– An upper octave control, transforming the Add Violence into an octafuzz

– A Boost control of up to 16db – loud enough to blow out your continental neighbours’ eardrums

– A Clean Blend to maintain and balance clarity and texture, and to retain the native character of that beyond of just guitars.

Technical specs

– Hand screen printed, diecast Aluminium enclosure

– Size: 6,5 x 13 x 6 cm with knobs

– Power requirement: 9 V DC PSU (centre negative, 2.1 mm)

– Current draw: <50 mAPlease be aware:

To experience the Add Violence at its full potential, we recommend using it into a clean(ish) amp above 50 W. It has a very broad bandwith which small amps might not be able to represent as well as bigger ones.