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incomprehensible wall of fuzz

Black Mass Electronics Missionary Fuzz V2


Pay in 3 interest-free payments of £60.00

The Missionary Fuzz is Black Mass’s attempt at shedding the snake’s skin and letting you harness that deafening sales pitch for yourself.

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Charlatans masquerading as salesmen come in many forms. They bring religion under tents and steeples, they bring policy to halls of government, they sell things that will always be just out of reach, collecting tithes, taxes, and interest the entire time. No matter what face the snake oil seller wears, there is one thing about them that remains universally true: when lies fall out of the mouths of false prophets, they echo through history, blistering static.

And, like any good sales pitch, the Missionary Fuzz’s best quality is its adaptability. Because of the transformer-based pickup simulator present in the circuit, you can put the pedal anywhere in your chain without fear of buffers – the pre-gain control works like the volume knob of a guitar, and the bass control allows you to clean up low end frequencies and avoid blowouts. You can use this pedal like an overdrive as well, cutting fuzz or pre-gain in pursuit of clarity with enough output to drive your amp. Ultimately, a fuzz that can go anywhere and be everywhere expands the tonality of any pedalboard nearly without limit. Keep it at the beginning and start dirty if you want, or move it to the end and wait until that lush clean signal, tap delayed and dripping in reverb, charges headfirst into the Missionary Fuzz and creates an incomprehensible wall of sound.

You’re selling whatever you want – and they’re buying.


Level: Controls overall output level.

Pregain: Controls the amount of signal going into the fuzz. This comes after the pickup emulator and simulates rolling your guitar volume knob down.

Body: Controls the mids notch in the pedal. All the way clockwise is flat, all the way counter-clockwise is scooped into oblivion.

Fuzz: Controls the fuzz saturation. Works in tandem with Pregain control for a full range of sounds.

Bass: Controls the amount of bass entering the circuit. This control is pre-fuzz to prevent low end blow out, and maintain articulation.

Internal Switch: This slide switch controls whether the transformer simulates the impedance of a single coil pickup or a humbucker. Left is single coil (stock), right is humbucker. The difference is subtle, but it’s there for you to experiment with. Back cover must be removed to access this switch.


Standard 2.1mm center negative power only.
Do not run at higher voltages.
Current Draw: 45mA.
Use an isolated pedal board power supply.