TOP 20: Stefan Karlsson from Guitar Pedal X

In this latest bloggage article, we asked Stefan Karlsson, who is a guitar gear enthusiast / aficionado and the chief copy person at the wonderful website that is Guitar Pedal X, our (should be) legendary Top 20 questions…

1. What is your favourite 80’s song?
Bowie Let’s Dance [1983] / Prince When Doves Cry [1984]

2. Do you own a ZOIA and if not, why not?
Yeah – I do own a ZOIA – not used it much recently – it’s more of a hands-on
tabletop instrument than a stompbox

3. What was the last pedal you bought?
Rainger FX DFST-1 Fuzz

4. What is your preferred gauge of strings?
D’Addario NYXL 09-46

5. How many pedals are on your board right now?

6. True Bypass, please explain in a few sentences.
Unadulterated switch which goes direct from pedal input to output socket –
entirely bypassing the effect circuit

7. Do you use a plectrum and if so, what is your preferred material?
Preferred Plectrum is the Hawk Ivory ToneBird 7 Jazz III style vintage resin pick

8. PRS Silver Sky, like or dislike?
I have a general preference for PRS and MusicMan guitars – don’t like the
position of the input jack – it should be on the edge = more ergonomic!
Otherwise I quite like the Silver Sky – not decided if I need one though!

9. What is your favourite RAT style pedal?
I have several – Ultimate is the Drunk Beaver Heavy Bat, but also of course the
Dr Scientist Frazz Dazzler – which isn’t a Rat but can sound like one with ease!

10. Do you keep your guitar pedal boxes?
Up until now I have done – but it’s getting to be a serious problem – I may start
to shed some – just takes up too much space!

11. Have you watched The Beatles Get Back films yet?
Indeed I have – and I loved them – 3rd favourite TV Show of the year after
Arcane, and Succession

12. Do you own a looper pedal, and, if so, which one?
I own several – 2 different TC Electronic Dittos, and a Boss RC-10R Rhythm
Loop Station which is my current mainstay

13. Can you play the drums?
I played drums once many decades ago now in a school band – probably
incredibly rusty nowadays!

14. Do you own Solid State or Valve Amps or both?
Both – my current Stereo Rig is a Boss Katana 100 Solid State (EL34 emulating)
on the left channel, and a Carvin V3MC EL84 Tube Amp on the right

15. Guitar effects & amp emulation software, good, bad, no comment?
All good really – depending on how you deploy it – and getting better every day
– I personally still have a slight preference for analog effects typically

16. What is your DAW of choice?
Don’t really have one yet – still deciding on Ableton Live vs Logic Pro

17. Do you own a synth?
I own just one synth currently – which I’ve had since it was first introduced –
the Teenage Engineering OP-1 – I have my eye on several others!

18. What is in store for GPX during 2022?
More of the same really – deep insights and smart recommendations – and
trying to buy more cleverly! Will try to come up with some more clever formats!

19. What effects are you looking forward to in 2022?
I’m most looking forward to seeing that Tom Majeski and Joel Corte make
together! I’m obviously a big fuzz fanatic too – so something new and
innovative in that area. Also will be focusing on Flangers and Choruses in 2022
to a degree – so hopefully will see some more interesting variants there too!

20. Tell us a joke.
Two jazz guitarists meet in a bar, and one says, “Yeah man, I bought your last
album, it was awesome!” to which the other replies, “Oh so that was you!”

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