The mother of all volume pedal mods!

VPM-1 Volume Pedal Mod for Ernie Ball VP Jr

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Upgrade your Ernie Ball VP Jr (model 6180 or 6181) with the “mother of all volume pedal mods!”

No strings to break or potentiometers to get dirty
A powerful magnet and a Hall effect sensor detect treadle movement
Pure analog signal path
Choose from 5 different volume taper curves
Add up to 14dB gain

VPM-1 DIY Kit. Assembly and installation required. Ernie Ball Jr not included.

**Please note, this pack contains only the standard VPM-1 mod, with no expression or stereo upgrades**

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No strings or pots; instead a magnet and Hall effect sensor detect pedal movement
Pure analog signal path
Five response curves (volume tapers) to choose from: Linear, two Reverse Logarithmic, and two Logarithmic curves
Use the calibration procedure to set the maximum and minimum volume points to any position along the treadle movement
Reversible treadle action
Internal voltage doubled to 18V for plenty of headroom
Add up to 14dB gain
Buffered tuner out jack can be used as a signal splitter capable of driving a different effects chain.
Stereo Upgrade can be configured for either traditional stereo (the volume of both channels rises and falls together) or pan action (as the volume of one channel rises, the other falls).
Expression Upgrade can be configured to control a huge variety of expression controllable pedals
Build Options
DIY Kit: Everything you need to build your own boards and mod your own busted Ernie Ball VP Jr pedal. Soldering required. Small circuit board soldering experience highly recommend. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS. See “What You Will Need” tab.
Ready-to-Install: We send you the fully assembled boards and chassis, ready for you to install in your Ernie Ball VP Jr pedal with little more than a screw driver and a drop of super glue. No soldering required.
Full Service: Send us your pedal and we will install the mod, test and calibrate it, and ship it back to you ready to play.
Full-Size Adaptor The VPM-1 fits all VP Jr pedals and the MVP (6180, 6181, 6182). The optional Adaptor will fit it into most full-size EB pedals. See “Documentation” tab on the Zeppelin website for more information.


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