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Is your golden ticket to distortion dreamland. Chock-full of roaring amp-like dirt tones, this pedal and its highly versatile controls will put some seriousvsizzle into your sound. From bluesy growls to grinding and screaming distortion

  • ReezaFRATzitz is sure to supply you with the super-sonic firepower you need.
  • Plethora of roaring amp-like distortion tones on tap
  • Bias control – alters the harmonic gain structure
  • Highly sculptable EQ section – go from vintage to modern tones in seconds
  • Very intuitive control set – dial in amazing tones quick and easy
  • Top-mounted I/O
  • Handmade in Denmark

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If you like it loud and wild, then ReezaFRATzitz should instantly feel like home. Bursting at the seams with the DNA of rock, this pedal was
created to give players the tone and touch-responsiveness of a cranked tube-amp right in front of their feet. The magic to this lies in the unique Bias control, which lets you alter the harmonic content and attack response of the pedal from that of a Class-A to a Class-B amp and anywhere in between.

Combine that with the highly interactive Bass and Treble EQs, plus the pedal’s extremely wide gain-range and you’re ready to serve up anything
from warm and vintage-sounding drive tones to tight modern distortion tones, all while maintaining the integrity of your core sound. So all that’s left to do now is plug in and rock out!


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