Modulation lushness from the awesome Recovery in Seattle

Recovery Effects Dirty Murals

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DIRTY MURALS (Reverb and Delay)

Do you like reverb? Do you like delay? Now you can have both in one small package. The Dirty Murals V3 allows you to switch between two distinct delay and reverb styles to create a variety of rich, lush, ambient, textured sounds.

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The first mode offers a modulated “oil can” style delay with shorter, vintage-sounding repeats, paired with a small room reverb. The second mode delivers long, high fidelity, analog-style delay with a large hall reverb. The reverb level can be dialed to taste or completely removed in either mode, allowing it to function as a traditional delay pedal. The reverb can be boosted while keeping the mix low, generating the effects of a reverb with an adjustable pre-delay.

The Dirty Murals will quickly become an essential part of your sound. It is your go-to delay and reverb solution in a small size that will free up space on your pedalboard by combining the perfect delay and reverb in one device.

Enclosure size: 4.77″ x 2.6″ x 1.39″