high fidelity all analogue (signal path) preamp and overdrive

Intensive Care Audio Life Support

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LIFE SUPPORT is a high fidelity, all analogue overdrive and distortion pedal for the treatment of Bland Guitar Syndrome and Excessive Aural Dryness. Used regularly it can provide effective relief from these, and other music and instrumentation related conditions. All Intensive Care Audio pedals are built in London, England, using high quality components and featuring soft touch, relay based trued bypass. LIFE SUPPORT features 6 controls, there are therefore a range of available remedies.

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PREAMP: Sets the gain of the overdrive, ranging from sparkly, chiming clean tones through to natural, tube like edge of break up and on into grittier distortion territory. This control interacts interestingly with the CLIPPING control; see below.

VOLUME: Sets the overall output volume, including when BOOST is engaged.

TOP: An extremely useful passive subtractive treble filter after the last gain stage used for taming high frequencies which can become more pronounced as gain is increased and clipping settings altered.

BOTTOM: A subtractive bass filter after the last gain stage which variably bypasses the output capacitor, just before hitting the output transformer. As this control is in parallel with the output capacitor some crackle may be present when adjusted at lower gain settings.

CLIPPING: The clipping control allows you to blend between two very different but equally useful clipping options. Fully clockwise is LED clipping, yielding a softer, more transparent break up. Fully counter-clockwise is a parallel arrangement of a MOSFET and a JFET which produces much harder, compressed and saturated clipping. The ability to blend between these two clipping options, in conjunction with the PREAMP control allows for an extremely wide range of overdriven tones.

BOOST: Controls the gain of the boost circuit which drives the FRONT end of the overdrive circuit. This can not be used independently of the overdrive circuit, it is used to hit the front end harder, increase gain and compression and act as a boost for lead/solo situations.

2. How to take the LIFE SUPPORT:

The dose needed to treat guitar effect deficiency will depend on how low your levels of guitar effect are. Your doctor will advise you on the length of time to use LIFE SUPPORT. For adults this is usually 1-2 hours, twice a day. Using pedals after meals is recommended to avoid dizziness. If you forget to use the LIFE SUPPORT, use it as soon as possible and continue to use it as normal. DO NOT take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose as this can cause irreversible MIND BENDING (Mindbendinitis)

3. Possible Side Effects:

Like all medicine, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Serious side effects:

-Involuntary time signature changes

-Nausea and or vomiting


-Difficulty passing riffs

-Thinking you are better at your instrument than you actually are

-Looking down your nose at other peoples gear

Supply using only 9v centre negative supply.

Current Draw: 100mA