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Earthquaker Devices Afterneath Retrospective module

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Afterneath Eurorack Module – Retrospective Special Custom Edition

Otherworldly Synth Reverberation Machine

To celebrate the release of EarthQuaker Devices upcoming Afterneath Retrospective, they have created an extra special custom colour Afterneath v3 pedal and Afterneath Eurorack Module available for a limited time only. The Afterneath Retrospective marks the fourth chapter in EQD’s pedal documentary series, taking a deep and often hilarious dive into how some of their top-selling pedals came into existenc

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95 mA +12V

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The Afterneath Eurorack Module brings the otherworldly sounds from the effects pedal world right into your modular synthesizer. Featuring one main audio input, one main audio output, an audio send and return for the Reflect feedback path and nine controls, four of the Afterneath Module’s parameters are controllable via CV and each has been equipped with a dedicated inverting attenuator. With these features, a completely analogue dry signal path and a totally digital wet signal path, the Afterneath Module is an ambient powerhouse and an instrument unto itself, helping to push the already unflappable Afterneath into a whole new realm.

The Afterneath Module further expands upon EarthQuaker’s wildly popular Afterneath pedal with the addition of voltage control over the Diffuse, Length and Drag controls. Also, an entirely new voltage-controlled “Mode” parameter has been added, that changes how the Drag responds to knob and CV changes. When adjusting the Drag via the knob or CV, you will notice a change in character, fidelity and decay length of the effect. There is also a noticeable change in pitch for the sound that is in the Afterneath’s buffer. As with the Afterneath pedal, high settings of the Reflect and Length controls result in self-oscillation, where the pitch of the oscillation is set by the Drag control. There are nine modes that govern the behaviour of the Drag control and its effect on the pitch of the sound in the buffer: Unquantized – Smooth, unquantized response over the entire operating range of the Drag parameter.

Unquantized with Slew – Smooth, unquantized response over the entire operating range, but with a musical slew that is reminiscent of turning the varispeed knob on a vintage British tape delay. The “Drag” will lag behind the knob or CV changes, but then quickly catch up.

Unquantized Volt / Octave – Smooth and unquantized, yet scaled to align with the 1V / octave curve to allow melodic modulation of audio in the buffer, or control the frequency of self-oscillation like a voltage-controlled oscillator.

Chromatic Scale – Quantized to 1V / octave, so that it jumps to intervals within the Chromatic scale.

Major Scale – Quantized to 1V / octave, so that it jumps to intervals within the Major scale.

Minor Scale – Quantized to 1V / octave, so that it jumps to intervals within the Minor scale.

Pentatonic Scale – Quantized to 1V / octave, so that it jumps to intervals within the Pentatonic scale.

Octaves and Fifths – Quantized to 1V / octave, so that it jumps to octaves and fifths of the original pitch.

Octaves – Quantized to 1V / octave, so that it jumps to octaves of the original pitch.

Beyond modulated delay and reverb effects, modes 3-9 extend the possibility of using the Afterneath Module as an interesting voltage-controlled oscillator. Another new feature found only in the Afterneath Module is a Dry Kill switch that allows access to a 100% wet signal. Perfect for when you are using the module as an effect send from your mixer or digital audio workstation!

Last, but certainly not least, a Reflect Send and Reflect Return jack has been added. This not only allows external processing of the Afterneath’s Reflect feedback path, but also gives the user access to a phenomenal pseudo-stereo effect. In addition to patching from the main output, you can also patch from Reflect Send jack (For example, using the main audio output as your left channel, and the Reflect Send as your right channel). This provides a wide, immersive, ambient stereo image. This is a great trick for when using the module as an effects send for your favourite modular, mixer or DAW. Additionally, the Reflect Return jack can be used as an additional audio input. The Reflect knob will act as an attenuator for any signal that is patched into the Reflect jack.

Each and every Afterneath Eurorack Module is built by a mix of robots and human beans in the torch-lit cave community of Akron, Ohio.

16 HP
32 mm deep

Current Draw
95 mA +12V