Next Generation Classic Compressor

Diamond Comp/EQ

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There isn’t a compressor that’s more sought after than the Diamond yellow box. This next-gen
COMP/EQ maintains the classic circuit architecture while increasing range and functionality. The
new EQ section allows you to sculpt your tone in the same box that squashes it (that’s a good
Furthermore, the new Attack switch allows you to go from the signature ultra-snappy Diamond
comp style all the way to softer transparent compression.

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Main Features

• Compressor and Equalizer Effects Pedal
• Updated circuit with increased range and functionality that maintains the classic
Diamond compressor architecture
• New EQ section for precision tone-sculpting
• Added Attack switch – for selecting between 2 attack settings
• Down: original – ultra-snappy Diamond compression with quick response
• Up: slow response with a transparent, less squashed, softer transparent
compression and longer sustained sound
• Naturally smooth optical compression from a custom US-made Opto-Isolator
• +/- 10 dB Mid boost and cut
• +/- 6 dB Tilt EQ section
• Wide-ranging compression with bi-colour LED indicator
• Top-mounted jacks and soft touch relay switching
• Equipped with Burr Brown Integrated circuits
• Hand-made in Montreal, Canada
• Powered by a regular 9-18V DC PSU
(centre -, 2.1 mm, ~22 mA current draw)

What a buzzword “compression” is. But as soon as you slap one into your chain, you can never go back. Applicable in almost every
situation, compression is the glue that keeps your tone tight and in the pocket.

Rather than mess with perfection, the Diamond Comp/EQ augments the original yellow box design with a new Mids boost/cut control,
Attack switch, custom spec’d, US made opto-isolators and modern, quiet switching.

While the original Diamond Compressor was a formidable pedal, we can confidently say that this next-generation is the best version
of the Diamond Compressor yet.

Combining silky smooth, natural optical compression with our signature hi-fi inspired, centre-detent active tilt EQ and Mid boost/cut
control, the Comp/EQ is a mastering solution for your effects chain….one you might never turn off.

We are serious when we say this pedal will always be on. Whether you’re looking for the snappiest compression to compliment your
intricate funk leads, or soft transparent style compression to just add that perfect final touch to your tone, the Diamond Comp/EQ can
do it all. So here’s how to use your new “always-on” pedal.

Place the Comp/EQ at the very beginning of your signal chain for a traditional compression effect or place it at the very end of the
chain to act as a limiter. Need a boost? Place the Comp/EQ behind your drives and fuzzes to with the Comp set low to send your
leads soaring!