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You're new destruction device

Collision Devices Singularity Black


Pay in 3 interest-free payments of £56.00

SINGULARITY is your new destruction device.
Please put it after every instrument you find.
We call it a one knob fuzz. In fact it’s a one knob-one toggle switch-fuzz.
Yep the toggle switch really impacts the sound as you choose between 3 low pass filter cut frequencies.

The only knob controls the master fuzz volume.

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Collision Devices Singularity, Black Overview

The Singularity introduces a distinctive approach to distortion.

Featuring the fuzz segment derived from the Black Hole Symmetry, Singularity’s uniqueness lies in its utilization of a JFET transistor, followed by 3 silicon transistors, resulting in some beautifully destructive signal transformation. Singularity streamlines controls to a single output volume knob and what’s more, it integrates a 3-position toggle switch that enables you to modify the Low-Pass filter cutoff at three distinct frequencies: 1,5 kHz (BHS style), 3,3 kHz and 16 kHz.

• Volume: Adjusts the intensity of the fuzz effect.
• 3-position switch: Alters the Low-Pass filter cut-off frequency at three options – 1.5 kHz (reminiscent of BHS style), 3.3 kHz, and 16 kHz.


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