TOP 20: Sketchy Pedals

Claudia, the super talented human that has created Sketchy Pedals (@sketchypedals) kindly let us ask her our (should be) legendary Twenty Questions:

What are you listening to at the moment?
To be honest, I can’t listen to that much music at the moment, except when I party with my kids – then it’s kids music. But I like Modjo Band, Smashing Pumpkins, RHCP, Pixies, Nirvana, Letters From Dave, Laserdrive and Dirt Sparrows. But also a few oldies from the 80s and 90s are always cool.
What was the last gig you went to?
July Talk, I think it was 2018 before I was pregnant with my first child.
Do you prefer vinyl/cd/cassette or downloads?
I used to buy CDs, now I’m more of a download/Spotify girl.
Do you ever go to Art Galleries for inspiration?
I used to visit one now and then, but since my two children (1.5 years and 3 years) are there, there is no time for it. But on the internet you can find enough other ways to enjoy art.
What is your favourite venue for gigs?
As part of the audience I love small open airs.
If you could recommend one album to your children , what would it be?
The first one I had in mind was RHCP – Greatest Hits
Have you ever tried an OP-1 Synthesizer?
No, but recently one was played in my living room. 😊
If you created a guitar pedal, what would it be called?
I can’t tell you my best idea, in case I actually co-create a guitar pedal 😉
So here is the second best: Jitter Fuzz (coffee themed)
What painting do you wish you’d painted?
“Onement VI” – I think then I would be a multimillionaire now.
Do you enjoy nostalgia?
Yes. I had a retro Christmas tree last year and I still have my Game Boy!
Have you ever visited the places The Beatles played in Hamburg?
Probably some old bars and clubs on the Reeperbahn.
How would you like to be remembered?
For my grandiose cherry crumble cake.
What is your favourite word?
It’s a German Word: ‘Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz’
It really exists, I swear!
Can you read music?
No, I have tried to learn it, but I forget everything I learn within a few weeks.
So you own any synthesizers?
Fast Forward to 2023, what is happening with Sketchy Pedals?
I hope that I can design many, many pedals, album covers, straps and music related stuff.
Brit Pop – yey or ney?
Blur, Radiohead, Coldplay – well, yeah!
Oils, acrylic, pencil, watercolour or digital, which do you prefer?
I used to be one of those people who thought that only art on a tangible medium is real art. Today I’m totally into digital art. The possibilities are almost endless.
Do you prefer Nirvana or The Pixies?
Nirvana (sorry Pixies, I like you too)
Tell us a joke
What is brown and sticky? – a stick