Top 20: Marcus D’Luxe

In this bloggage we asked guitar sage, pedalboard maker, Instagram sensation and all round top bloke, Marcus Darby our infamous (should be famous) 20 questions:

1 What gauge of strings are you using now?
I tend to use Rotosound 10s but sometimes 11s on different tunings such as my Supro which lives in Drop C.

2 Do you ever use alternative tunings?
Nothing too radical. A lot of Drop D and Drop C as mentioned above.

3 Do you own a capo?
Very, very rarely.

4 Do you keep your guitar pedal boxes?
Absolutely, religious about it haha.

5 Have you ever dabbled in modular synthesis?
No, Not as yet.

6 What was the last gig you went to?
Seasick Steve. Got a few lined up which I’m looking forward to.

7 Do you wear ear plugs at gigs?

8 What is your favourite 90s song?
That’s a tough one. First that spring to mind are Dead and Bloated by Stone Temple Pilots and Rear View Mirror by Pearl Jam.

9 What is your preferred wood for the Marcus D’luxe boards?
At The moment it 99% pine as that’s what we use a lot at work and with part of the ethos being reducing waste I use a lot of the offcuts. I have however purchased a dovetail jig so in the future hope to offer something more premium.

10 PRS Silver Sky- yey or ney?
Yes, Why not? Don’t get me wrong I’d still rather a proper Strat.

11 What DAW do you use?

12 Do you use plug ins?
I’m finding myself using them more and more. I always use GGD drums and Arturia reverb.

13 Describe Mountain Biking in three words?
Freedom, Exhilaration, Me.

14 Have you watched The Beatles Get Back films yet?
No, Keep meaning too but I’m not the biggest Beatles fan and its a lotta time to commit.

15 Do you adjust your intonation or let someone else do it?
I Do it.

16 Should guitars be on display or stored in their cases?
I Store in cases just because.

17 Do you still own your first ever pedal?

TATE FX has it as its broken, DOD Classic Tube. I own my second pedal though- big old Russian Small Stone in its wooden crate.

18 KLON & KLON KTRS, do you believe the hype?
I was lucky enough to get a KTR from your goodselves. Its a truly great drive…but there’s a LOT of truly great drives. So yes, I believe its a phenomenal drive but I do not think the hype is worthy in terms of the ridiculous resale prices.

19 Vinyl/Cassette/CD/Download, which do you prefer?
I’ve Tons of CDs from way back but truth be told at the moment I’m a Spotify guy due to convenience, listening in the workshop etc. But I’d love a vinyl set up.

20 Tell us a joke…
Instagram Algorithms….they’re a joke.