Top 20: – Band Spectra

Today we had the pleasure of speaking to Rob of Band Spectra who was kind enough to answer our near-legendary twenty questions, Band Spectra can be found on Bandcamp & Spotify, please give them a whirl.

1) Tell me an interesting fact about your new single, Stars Seem Eternal.

I was so taken with the rough demo take of Angelica’s vocal, that I kept them in . There is this nostalgic post-punk feel to them, hidden beneath the more pop elements. Another being the pure joy expressed by Leo Abraham with getting out his 12-string Rickenbaker to play on this song, apparently a rare outing now-a-days!

2) What DAW do you use and why?

Cubase. I owned a copy of Cubasis many many years ago and enjoy the work flow, it is the only DAW I have ever used. To me, a DAW is simply a means to track. I print all effects / sound design using external hardware and do no further processing within a DAW.

3) What was your first guitar pedal, and do you still own it?

I only started buying pedals for this project, so it would have been the Vongon Ultrasheer. Purchased from you. It is all over my debut album. Unfortunately, I don’t own any more. I like to change things up continuously but it is definitely on my ‘own again’ list

4) Do you keep the boxes for all your gear, and if not, why not?

Absolutely. I seem to constantly be in this buy/sell loop with gear, therefore keeping everything in as new condition is helpful. Some gear I sell because I have over-used, some to fund recording / releasing costs. Some I just don’t get on with or difficult to use with my disability.

5) Do you ever use alternative tunings on your guitars?

I no can no longer play guitar, MS has rendered my hands fairly useless. I am now 100% synths & drum machines.

6) Who is the last artist or group you followed on Spotify?

A band called ‘City Parking’. They have just released their debut EP and worked with Dave Sanderson, who I have worked with on every Band Spectra song. Dave raved about them way before working with them and I can see why.

7) Name a song that should have been huge, but wasn’t, in your opinion.

There is a song I have been addicted to for a while now, it is called Polaroïd/Roman/Photo. A band / artist called Ruth, a conceptual project existing only for just one album I believe in 1985. I recommend it to everyone.

8) Are you on Bandcamp?

Sensibly, yes.

9) What is your favourite piece of equipment right now?

I have many. Some are studio equipment that I find accessible with my disability. Like the DF Audio Minibay, the Sixy Four Pixels Noodlebox. With synthesizers, I couldn’t choose between the UDO Super 6 and Analogue Solutions Impulse Command. My Favourite effects right now are the OTO BIM and the HKA Design Digitizer.

10) 500 series outboard; an expensive choice or the way forward?

For me, designing / building an accessible studio, the way forward and absolutely life changing. I have everything around me and all in easy reach. A special mention goes out to the Pope Audio Dirty-C which has helped stop my lusting after a Roland RE-501

11) Vinyl & Cassette revival, a little too late or can it compete with streaming?

I have collected vinyl for 15+ years now. It will never compete with streaming but is a fantastic way to put money in band’s pockets.

12) What are you listening to at the moment?

Polinski – Telex from MIDI City is a fantastic album, which also happens to be my last vinyl purchase.

13) How do you compositions start? words or music?

Music. Normally a simple drum machine pattern or a synth ARP.

14) What software do you use for video editing and why?

Ha. No chance. I work closely with a director called Callum Henderson.

15) Do you have a modular set up and if so, is it as addictive as people say?

A small one. It expands the Analogue Solutions Impulse command. The Oscillators on the Impulse Command are lovely, the stereo filter is very unique so I like to route through a System80 Jove filter for a more vintage Roland sound. It is addictive, and expensive. I limit myself to a single small case.

16) What was the first album you bought and do you still enjoy it?

MS steals a lot of my early memories, So I will say The Longpigs – the Sun is Often out. This record change my life and I still love it.

17) Should they bring Top of the Pops back?

There needs to be something. Something more than just Jools Holland.

18) Line of Duty or Happy Valley, which is your favourite?

Oh. Difficult. Happy Valley. Know when to stop!

19) AI mixing and mastering apps, yey or ney?

Use professionals!

20) Tell us a joke…

Time for a Stewart Lee quote.
“David Cameron and David Miliband are like two rats fighting over a courgette that has fallen into a urinal. The main difference is that the David Cameron rat is wearing chinos, in an effort to win over the youth vote.”