Bad Penny FX The Fuzz Controller

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Badpenny’s debut original effect pedal. Designed and built from the ground up. Hand shaped aluminium and mitred English Ash enclosure with only the best vintage components. This pedal boasts a number of sought after vintage brand named components mixed with a modern high gain silicon transistor. Various switching has been employed to allow you a wide variety of tonal possibilities. It’s difficult to describe how this pedal sounds as you have so many options to choose from which alter the output dramatically. Be warned, this is a beast. This version (unlike the retrofit) uses a vintage 3.3 philips input cap, when the tone switches are bypassed the master volume is ridiculous. Please take care not to blow your ear drums, especially if you are using down tuned or baritone guitars.

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Neutrik jacks, Vintage Philips, K40Y-9 Russian military grade, Sprague Vitamin Q paper in oil and vintage Tropical Fish capacitors, vintage carbon resistors, 22awg cloth wiring and true bypass switching.

This pedal runs on a standard Boss type 9v power supply (centre negative).


Gain – 1kb bias control – controls the amount of fuzzy gain, moves from balls out face melting to gentle dirt
Master Volume – 500k and does what one would expect
Switch 1 – 47k starve – reduces the power heading into the fuzz circuit. This will act like a dying battery, reduces some of the gain and harshness, with this switch selected the gain control dial becomes almost redundant.
Switch 2 – diode selector – choose between 1N4148 and a red LED. The 1N4148 is has some pretty harsh clipping compared to the red LED which brings the gain levels closer to overdrive sounds
Switch 3 – bass cut – running through the vintage Vitamin Q paper in oil cap, this will reduce your bass. With both switches set to on, you get a compressed, cutting fuzz
Switch 4 – .treble cut – running through the vintage Russian military K40Y-9 paper in oil capacitor, this switch will reduce your treble.


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